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Evaluation process for AC Fastpitch Summer program policy


Player pool: This policy applies to team formation for ages 10U and higher that are organized under the AC Fastpitch program


Team sizes: The goal of the program is to allow for the most participation as possible. We intend to build teams that are appropriately sized to allow for the most play by the players, while maintaining a competitive, skill developing level of play. 


  • Team levels:  Our goal is to place players on a team where they can learn and improve while being challenged, yet have success.  Placement on an upper team is not a reward and placement on a lower team is not a negative.  We want each player to be able to learn and improve, so we want to place each player on a team where they are best positioned to succeed. Teams are typically 11 to 14 players in size.

The program will look to field as many teams as possible, with the level of competitive play ranging from A to C level teams at all age levels.

  • At 8- 12U , particularly at the lower levels, our goal is for playing time to be as equal as possible, recognizing that some players (such as pitchers or catchers) may receive unequal playing time.  Missing excessive practices may also influence playing time.
  • At 14U – 18 U, particularly at the higher level, playing time may not be equal and is driven by factors including: missed practices, games and tournaments, player performance and effort and safety considerations. 

  • If the number of registered players do not support the formation of teams at a given age level, we will look to form a lower level team with mixed ages. As an example: If we do not have enough 14U players to form a team at n A or B level, we will form a 14U B or C team with a mix of 14U and 12U girls and will be determined using the general, pitching and catching evaluations and other factors.

  • Our goal is to place all players registered on time onto a team however, there may be times where a team is not available and player cuts are necessary.





  • Players will need to be registered in order to participate in evaluations.  Our online registration system permits a payment plan. Scholarship assistance may be available, and requests should be funneled through the player rep at [email protected]. Requests for financial assistance should be made more than 7 days in advance of the first scheduled evaluation date.
  • During registration, players may indicate what position(s) they prefer to play. These indicators may or may not influence what position a player is in during the season but may drive participation in additional evaluations (specifically for pitching and catching).


Evaluation process:


  • Players will be evaluated by parties outside the AC Fastpitch organization, coaches, and/ or board members. 
  • Players will be evaluated in a blind environment, meaning each player will be identified by a number and not by name until all the teams have been formed.

  • Each player will be given a score for hitting, fielding, running, and all-around along with a positional recommendation.  Coaches will have final say in regards what positions players play during the season.

  • Players with an interest in pitching or catching will have a secondary evaluation to participate in where they will be given a performance score for those positions.  Those scores will remain separate from the players all-around score. See information below on team formation policy for Pitchers and Catchers

  • Parents are allowed to observe tryouts from the observation area only and are not allowed on the gymnasium floor.


Which evaluation should a player attend:


  • All players should plan to attend the set evaluation time for their age group they are in based on birthdate.
  • Players who are interested in playing in an age bracket higher than their birthdate, will:

  • Need to petition for consideration by contacting the Players Rep. This is merely to inform the Formation committee that a player is interested in this option.
  • The player will need to attend evaluations for the age group they desire to play in as well as their age based evaluation session.
  • AC Fastpitch pays the evaluation for the players age level tryout. If a player wishes to be evaluated at a higher age level, the player must pay the evaluation fee..
  • A player must rank in the top 20% of the age group they wish to move up to in order to petition to play up
  • If a mixed age team is being formed, they will be given first consideration. That team however may play at a lower level then the age based team the player would potentially be invited to play for. The player will be able to choose which team they wish to accept the invitation to play for
  • Any player who ranks for placement on an upper level team or is recommend to be added to that team, will have to be approved by a board vote.


Secondary evaluation date for players with approved conflicts and are unable to attend the primary evaluation sessions or for players who register after evaluations


  • The AC Fastpitch Players Rep should be notified as soon as possible if a player will not be attending the primary evaluation sessions at [email protected].  Please include: players name, age bracket, brief explanation of why unable to attend, and if dates have been published, which secondary evaluation dates might work.  The players rep will work with the player/ family to confirm the secondary evaluation date.
  • Registration after evaluations or the closure of sign ups will be allowed only if timely registered players were all able to be placed on AC Fastpitch teams or if the addition of these players allows AC Fastpitch to field an additional team.

  • If necessary, the AC Fastpitch board will make available one additional evaluation date for those unable to attend the primary evaluation date. The secondary evaluation dates will be made available as soon as they are set.

  • Please note that this will be for a limited number of players and may impact the players ability to make the higher level teams.
  • The secondary evaluation may be conducted by different evaluators and will provide scores for hitting, fielding, running, and all-around along with a positional recommendation. Coaches will have final say in regards to what positions players play during the season.

  • The evaluators for the secondary evaluation ideally will be done by the same group who did the primary evaluations, but may be individuals known to the players or know the players.

  • These scores will be used to determine team placement if before team formation has started or if after, may have coaches team needs as it relates to positions taken into consideration.

  • Any player who ranks for placement on the upper level team or is recommend to be added to that team, will have to be approved by a board vote.



Team formation process:


  • Teams will be built based on general player evaluation scores, pitching evaluation scores, catching evaluation scores and the positional needs of the team(s).
  • Team formation committee will be responsible for the team formation process.

    • Committee may include  board members, or outside parties and the makeup of the committee will be approved by the AC Fastpitch board.

    • The team formation meeting will be posted and open to the public, although inputs from anyone outside the committee will not be used in the process.

  • Players will be placed on teams in a blind environment, meaning each player will be identified by a number and not by name until all the teams have been formed.

  • Player evaluation scores and statistics from previous AC Fastpitch seasons may be used as a secondary criteria for team placement, but do not replace blind evaluations.  If any team placement adjustments are made based on these secondary criteria, AC Fastpitch board approval is required.

  • The first teams selected at each level will be set to play at the highest appropriate level as determined by the team formation committee. Subsequent teams will be reviewed, and based on performance scores will play either A, B, or C level.

  • The top 8 players based on the general player evaluation scores score will be invited to the first team (typically but not always an A level competitive team). This may include consideration of the separate pitching and catching scores as outlined below.

  • If there is a tie score, the hitting score will be the tie breaker. If those scores are tied, then the fielding score will be the tie breaker.

  • The remaining 2 to 4 positions on the team will be filled based on positional needs. The players with the highest ranked score that fit those needed positions will be invited to play with the team as well.  

  • This process will continue (next 8 players and then 2-4 based on positional needs), until the max number of teams the AC Fastpitch program has determined it can field that season are filled.

  • If during the team formation it is determined there are multiple teams at a particular skill  level in an age bracket, the formation committee may consider an equitable skill split to form two equivalent teams.


Pitchers and Catchers:


A player who tries out for pitching or catching must also attend the general player evaluations. If a player does not make the upper team as a pitcher or catcher, but does qualify based upon their general evaluation scores, the player may request their preference where they would like to play.  Alternatively, if a player qualifies as a pitcher or catcher on the upper team, but does not qualify based on their general evaluation scores, the team formation committee will consider placing the player on the upper team, assuming that pitching and catching needs are satisfied for all teams.


At tryout check-in, each player interested in pitching or catching for the upcoming season will be required to complete a form indicating their placement preference. Each pitcher or catcher will need to choose one of the following, sign the form, have their parents sign the form and turn it in prior to the start of player evaluations.


The two choices are:

  1. If I do not qualify for the upper team based upon pitching or catching evaluation score, but I otherwise qualify for the upper team based on my general player evaluation scores, I would prefer to be placed on the upper team. I recognize this means I may receive little to no playing time as a pitcher or catcher on that team.
  2. If I do not qualify for the upper team based upon pitching or catching evaluation score, but I otherwise qualify for the upper team based on my general player evaluation scores, I would prefer to be placed on the lower team in order to likely receive more playing time as a pitcher or catcher.


The team formation committee will make every effort to honor the players preference but reserves the right to place pitchers and catchers on r teams based on need.  


Team notification:


  • All players will receive an email notification when teams are formed.
  • All team rosters will be available at the AC Fastptich website listing players by evaluation numbers or ids.  No names will be associated to the first team list released. 

  • Team rosters, including players names, will be posted once coaches have been assigned to teams.

  • During the course of the season injuries or such may necessitate an invitation by a higher team to play with them either for the remainder of the season or for tournaments.

Field Status

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